James Forrest

Podiatrist w/s/i Biomechanics
Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

James Forrest currently works at Leeds Community Health Trust and is a MSK Podiatrist. After a successful career in the private Health and wellbeing sector, he decided to retrain as a Podiatrist successfully graduating with honours, from the University of Huddersfield in 2014. He has now been working for the trust for 5 years.

Working in the NHS has been a challenging experience but fulfilling experience to date. James was motivated to be an advocate for change after reading the WRES survey results and wanted to be a part of cultural change within his trust.

James is currently vice chair of my trusts BAME support network (which is nearly into 3rd year) as well as being involved in various learning and developments projects which sadly have been put on hold due to the recent pandemic. Outside of work he is a busy father of 3 and keen sports and movie buff.